$30.00 Automated Startup Business

I’ve been working on something very exciting the last couple months… an automated website that pulls in ads via RSS feeds and pays you a small percentage of each sale attributed to your website.

This system is WordPress based using a free plugin to import ads from eBay via the eBay Partner Network. The startup costs is about $30.00 for a domain name and a couple months of web hosting.

Of course you’ll need to be an eBay Partner before you even consider buying a domain and the needed web hosting service. Unless you have an alternative use for the site (if you can’t join the partner network for some reason) you really want to make sure you’ve crossed that off the list first.


Once you’ve secured you eBay Partner Network membership you can buy your domain and web hosting. ParadigmDomains.com is a great place to buy your domain and hosting if you don’t have another preference. I own Paradigm Domains.

You’ll then install WordPress and the Feed WordPress Plugin. Pick a simple theme to get started with and configure up the looks of your website.

You’ll need to pick a niche market now. There must be something in at least one eBay category that interests you enough to keep you interested in this business.

Once you’ve picked a niche category you’ll need to go into the partner network under tools and create a RSS feed.

You’ll need to install the Feed WordPress plugin, configure that up and put your eBay item feed(s) into it. Read the below articles. If you run into problems or have questions use the forum here.





Project 167?

I was thinking about finances and such one night several years ago. Got to thinking about income and a reachable target income for someone. Fired up the Open Office and opened a spreadsheet. After some playing around with numbers it looked to me like a $50.00 a month net income would be reachable with a pretty standard website given the proper promotion.

Chasing those numbers outward that came to $600.00 a year after all expenses and 167 of those was the magic number to hit over $100,000 a year.

Of course 167 websites would be an immense number of websites to create content for and to keep up with. But WordPress seemed to offer up what I needed to take care of the upkeep.

So then looking at the expenses seemed a real good place to visit next. The expenses were daunting out of the box but a complete reseller account could be had for just over $100.00 a year. That reseller account would give a possible income through it’s own interface website. And as the owner I could buy all the domain names, web hosting and other web services I needed at wholesale. Numbers got better in a big hurry.

I decided the reseller account had to be the first.

The next bit was all that maintenance… I devised a simple system to open one page in my browser which, through the magic of Javascript and the meta refresh tag would open the first site… wait a few moments then open the next. I set my ‘moments’ to 180 seconds (3 minutes). That ran me out to being able to check 20 pages an hour or all 167 in a little over an 8 hour day (if I spent the whole 3 minutes a day on each website).

I sure didn’t want to spend 8 hours a day looking at the same websites everyday. Would you?

A managed maintenance system combined with WordPress multi-sites (to cut back to one dashboard for many sites) made sense and would help with domain names (by using sub-domains) and hosting fees by packing several sites into one site.

Combine that with some automatic updates, backups and optimization and you’ve cut things down to a reasonable half an hour per site per month. At that point I was on my way to 3 hours a day or less for maintenance. I also had my reseller site running and spawned a maintenance operation (GuidedWP.com if you’re interested) off of my maintenance system.

I could see those possibly bringing in $100,000 a year by themselves but they needed promotion. Promoting on 165 (I already had the two) websites seemed like a good place to start. But where to get the content? The choices seemed to be in Bookmarking and content aggregation.

I built my first dedicated content aggregator. It worked fine for a while then started lagging as the number of ‘feeds’ and articles built up and the traffic started to build. I also started adding more sites requiring content.

At that point I built a multi-site just to ‘accumulate’ content and feed or syndicate that out to the other sites. I also started using CloudFlare and a CDN to spread out the loads. I’m at a point now where my hosting of choice is usually a shared host with a VPS in the background to handle the databases. There’s three of those VPSs now.

What about the $50.00 a month? Each site is evaluated by income and ‘network good’. The sites are (or will be) cross promoting each other. The sites carry ads from various merchants. The sites also suggest content to other sites at times (remember I’m looking at each site once a day. The newest couple posts are bound to catch my eye).

So hows it going so far? It’s starting to work pretty well.

Can you build one for me? Yes, but it’s expensive $600 the first year via my ExecutiveWP.com . I’ll want a 10% stake in your business and you’ll need to form a LLC here in the U.S which means I’ll only build these for Citizens of the US.

All is not lost though. I’m gonna tell how it’s all done in further installments here.

To get yourself started you’ll want to first find a telephone number for your budding company. I used a Google Voice or Chat phone number with a OBIHAI telephone adapter. That phone number is a must. You don’t need to answer it every time it rings but you need it.

You’ll need a business address. If you’re concerned about privacy then you’ll want to hire a Mailboxes type account somewhere.

Start reading up on reselling website hosting and domains… especially how to run, promote and earn with a reseller account. When you’re ready head to WildWestDomains.com and setup your reseller account. Or you can look into other resellers if Wild West doesn’t appeal to you. You may never need to go further than this to hit the income numbers you desire. Give it your best efforts.

If you want to continue, then grab a shared hosting account (from yourself) and a domain name and build your first site. This should probably be a account enabled for multiple domains and hosting multiple sites. You’ll build your first website there and possibly you’ll want to build your accumulator there at the same time.

That’s enough for today but look forward to more info in the next couple weeks. You can always find me on Quora.com if you have questions and to encourage me to hurry it up!

Note: Don’t poorboy yourself on equipment either. By that I mean spend the money to get the best desktop PC you can afford, Highspeed Internet is a must and you’ll want a fast laptop. Something you’ll like and can carry out to the deck on the pretty nights to play around with. This was one of the earlier mistakes I made and I’m still working to rectify that even now.