$30.00 Automated Startup Business

I’ve been working on something very exciting the last couple months… an automated website that pulls in ads via RSS feeds and pays you a small percentage of each sale attributed to your website.

This system is WordPress based using a free plugin to import ads from eBay via the eBay Partner Network. The startup costs is about $30.00 for a domain name and a couple months of web hosting.

Of course you’ll need to be an eBay Partner before you even consider buying a domain and the needed web hosting service. Unless you have an alternative use for the site (if you can’t join the partner network for some reason) you really want to make sure you’ve crossed that off the list first.


Once you’ve secured you eBay Partner Network membership you can buy your domain and web hosting. ParadigmDomains.com is a great place to buy your domain and hosting if you don’t have another preference. I own Paradigm Domains.

You’ll then install WordPress and the Feed WordPress Plugin. Pick a simple theme to get started with and configure up the looks of your website.

You’ll need to pick a niche market now. There must be something in at least one eBay category that interests you enough to keep you interested in this business.

Once you’ve picked a niche category you’ll need to go into the partner network under tools and create a RSS feed.

You’ll need to install the Feed WordPress plugin, configure that up and put your eBay item feed(s) into it. Read the below articles. If you run into problems or have questions use the forum here.